Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have to put your hair in my ear!

For those of you who don't see me with my family on a very regular basis, that sentence is one that may sound completely crazy - but at the Rude household, it's an everyday phrase. I hear it from my three-year-old. When he wants to cuddle and rest, he also wants to put my hair in his ear. It may be a comfort thing ...

... or it might just be a really great way to pass the time - I really don't know! Sometimes I can convince him to use something else to put in his ear - the fringe of my scarf or his fuzzy blanket - just to keep going during the day (let's face it, with a family of six, there's a lot to be done!). But by the end of the day I hear it again, "I want to put your hair in my ear!"

What can I say? I love the boy and thus we snuggle up and one of his thumbs goes into his mouth and my hair goes into his ear. It's an odd way to bond, but in the Rude home it's a very regular occurrance :)

My dear, sweet Colin .. how I love you!!

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