Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Decorating Made Easy

It feels a little strange to be writing a new blog post when I haven't been blogging for over a year, but this is something I want to share with the world, and my blog is a great venue to do so ... so - I'M BACK!

In the past year, Claire (our oldest) has graduated high school and moved on to college, our family has moved to a new home to be near extended family, our kiddos have enrolled in a new school, I left my job to be home with the kids during this transition, and Monte has continued to be a rockstar in keeping us all sane through these transitions.

While all of these things deserve a blog post of their own, the thing I am focusing on today is our new home - more specifically, decorating this home!  It is no secret that decorating is not my forte.  My mom, Sharon, and my sister, Tanya, are amazing decorators and seem to have this crafty eye that comes naturally to them.  I, on the other hand, was not blessed with this gift so it is no surprise that I turn to mom and Tanya when I need help in this area!  After finding a feature wall idea that I loved on Pinterest, I started purchasing items for my own wall.  Two years and a new house later (no joke), I decided it was time to get these things hung up!  So after a full day of shopping at some of the fabulous stores and sales that we have in the area, I was able to pick up some more pieces to make this wall complete, and Tanya and mom made their magic happen.

I went from this:


Mom and Tanya - thank you SO MUCH for your help on this transformation.  I am IN LOVE with this new space in my home and can't wait to have people over to see it!