Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Per Michelle's request, here you have it! In the month of August I have:
-Gone to camp with WyldLife (the youth group I work with)
-Become insanely ill and can't seem to shake it (going on two weeks now)
-Met some of Monte's extended family
-Finally got to see my family
-Had Jeremy and Missy (my brother and his wife) and their kids out to the house for dinner
-Tory was there too
-I realized how much I miss my family
-I've kicked butt on the insurance project I'm working on at work
-I've realized that I'm entering step-motherhood to a pre-teen girl, and have started preparing myself for this :0
-Missed writing and blogging and reading and relaxing, but know that, for now, there are too few hours in the day
-Missed you! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday morning, Monte and I packed up the kids, (as well as their bags, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals!), fishing poles and tackle boxes, snacks and what seemed like everything short of the kitchen sink .. and headed to Perham! We spent the weekend with my mom and step-Bob, and what a weekend it was!

Iain and Ellis went fishing with Monte and Bob:

And later, Ellis and I enjoyed swinging on the rope swing above the lake.

We later noticed that his fly was open - thus the zipping and my laughter!

On top of that, Claire and Colin helped my mom make cookies and then the four of us went to town for shopping and ice cream! Beyond that, we enjoyed awesome meals, going to church in the morning, LOTS of time on the lake and great company. All in all, it was a great overnight in Perham!