Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Monthly Update ...

Per Michelle's request, here you have it! In the month of August I have:
-Gone to camp with WyldLife (the youth group I work with)
-Become insanely ill and can't seem to shake it (going on two weeks now)
-Met some of Monte's extended family
-Finally got to see my family
-Had Jeremy and Missy (my brother and his wife) and their kids out to the house for dinner
-Tory was there too
-I realized how much I miss my family
-I've kicked butt on the insurance project I'm working on at work
-I've realized that I'm entering step-motherhood to a pre-teen girl, and have started preparing myself for this :0
-Missed writing and blogging and reading and relaxing, but know that, for now, there are too few hours in the day
-Missed you! :)


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