Friday, October 10, 2008

I can't really show you a picture or tell you anything about it being the fact that my Monte has access to my blog as well ... but I HAVE A DRESS!! :) I'm so excited - it's so elegant and gorgeous! I picked out my bridesmaid dresses as well and will have the last of those ordered by this weekend (Michelle, this is the reason you need to call me ASAP!). It's going to be completely amazing! :)

I'm excited ... :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things seem to be coming together wonderfully for the wedding, and I'm really excited about it! We've got our church (Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Excelsior), the reception site (BayView Event Center in Excelsior), looking into DJs, dress shopping with my sister tonight ... it all seems to be falling into place! I am really beginning to enjoy planning for this, and have yet to feel stressed out over the wedding planning. I will admit that, when we decided to move the date up to December 6th, I was a little nervous, as we were leaving ourselves with only ten weeks to plan - but God has been so faithful to open doors for us and to provide venues and details -- and to do it in a hurry! I must say, however, that I'm incredibly excited to start dress shopping tonight ...... Tanya - let's get going! :)

On top of that, I'm thrilled that my best Michelle will be able to make it back home for the wedding! Monte and I were blessed that almost everybody that we wanted in the wedding party will be able to be a part of it with us - with the exception of one very dear friend who is unable to commit to being in the bridal party due to the fact that she lives in Nashville - and I hardly gave any notice when we moved the wedding up. She's still attempting to be able to attend the wedding, and that's what really matters anyway!

Running alongside the wedding details, life has been just wonderful! I'm having word freeze right now, so this is going to be the end. Love to you all!