Friday, October 10, 2008

I have a dress!

I can't really show you a picture or tell you anything about it being the fact that my Monte has access to my blog as well ... but I HAVE A DRESS!! :) I'm so excited - it's so elegant and gorgeous! I picked out my bridesmaid dresses as well and will have the last of those ordered by this weekend (Michelle, this is the reason you need to call me ASAP!). It's going to be completely amazing! :)

I'm excited ... :)


  1. Hi Kami!
    Congrats on getting a dress! I heard you also hired an awesome photographer. I think you will be so pleased with Melissa & Bridgit. They are great at their trade but they are also so wonderful at setting people at ease and creating a flow to the day that helps make it even more wonderful for you the bride and groom.
    I hope eveything continues to come together for you.

  2. I just realized I"m on Curt's computer and signed in as him - I didn't know he had a google account - because he never comments on my blog!!!

  3. how exciting you got your dress...can't wait to see it, I bet it's beautiful! i didn't know you hired my cousins to be photographers! i have not blogged in weeks so glad i finally checked!


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