Monday, December 29, 2008

My husband ticks me off!!

Great post to follow "Married Life is Great!" right?! Well, he doesn't really tick me off, he just frustrates me a little bit. I'm sitting at my kitchen counter, overseeing he and our friend, Chris, doing some electrical work to prepare for the new range that we're putting in (yes, this spoiled brat got a gas stove/oven for christmas/her birthday!). I tell him to be careful and just a moment later (as he's reaching behind an outlet with a needle-nose pleiers [sp?]) he starts shaking and screaming, "aaah! aah! aaahhh!"

Then comes the laughter as he looks at the shock and freak-out factor on my face. Then comes the punch from me when I realize it was a joke.

My husband is a butthead!!! :)


  1. That's AWESOME! I love my new brother-in-law!! :~)

  2. LOLOL!!!!!!!!! Men... sheesh!! Treasure the pranks and the laughter that follows -- laughter will keep you both very young!


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