Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ever have one of those days ...

Where you have SO MUCH you planned to do, and somehow the day slips away and you miss out on many of those things?

Or how about one where you know you should be making dinner, but you're glued to facebook instead?

Or maybe one where you should be dealing with the crazy child spinning in circles at your feet, but instead you write a new blog entry?

Or maybe, just maybe, you had a day where you took your child to lunch and he told you that HE was the parent and HE was going to spank YOU if YOU were naughty?!

Or maybe you visited your husband at work and stayed so long that you had to ask your neighbors to see your daughter off the bus and you didn't get to ANY of the grocery shopping you had planned?

Was that you? Or was it me?! I'll never tell .... :)

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