Friday, March 25, 2011

RSV Update

After our third trip to the doctor this week, it seems that we have been given a good report!  While Ethan still seems to be extremely congested and uncomfortable, the doctor told me that his lungs sound like they're clearing out.  Praise the Lord!  This mama's heart needed the relief of hearing those words, it truly was rest for my weary soul.  

Our plan of attack is to continue with the Nebulizer every four hours and to continue praying for our sweet little blessing.  One thing that blesses my heart is that, no matter how sick he feels, Ethan is still his smiley happy little self!

Please keep him in your prayers as we are on the uphill climb out of RSV.  Please keep our family in your prayers as well, as I will be leaving Monte behind this Saturday as I go to my aunt's funeral and he will be staying home to take care of Ethan.  Pray for strength for all of us on that most difficult day.

My sweet little baby sleeping through his late-night nebulizer treatment.

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