Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dedicated to God

This past Sunday, April 3rd, we formally dedicated our sweet Ethan to God in a service at our church.  For those who are unaware, we believe (and our church believes) that baptism is a decision that you make when you're old enough to really comprehend it, as opposed to doing infant baptisms.  Instead of a baptism, we do a dedication.  This is where we, as his family, promise to raise him in a house that honors God and teaches of a true love relationship with our Creator.  It was a beautiful dedication and it brings tears to this mama's eyes when I recall the promise we made for our sweet baby boy.

This is our family standing in front of the church as Pastor Dave was explaining the dedication to the congregation.

Passing my sweet little Ethan to Pastor Dave (who is looking at Ethan on the big screen above us)!

Praying over Ethan's life.

 I really like this picture - I think it's cool how my sister captured us on stage and on the big screen.

 After the dedication we chilled outside and enjoyed some of the great weather we had that day, as well as tried out Ethan's new sun hat (which is WAY too big for him, by the way)!

It was wonderful to be able to dedicate Ethan's life to God, to be able to share in the day with my family and my sister's family and to know that my sweet baby is abundantly loved by our Creator and by so many people in his life.  God truly is good ALL the time!

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