Monday, May 2, 2011

When It Rains

... Monte and I are probably there!

It all started in December of 2008, on our honeymoon.  We were on the island of Kaua'i, in Hawaii.  We were to spend eight or nine (I honestly don't remember) glorious days in our oceanfront cottage, enjoying the sunshine, catching the tourist sites and enjoying the beginning of our married life.  Day one was beautiful and we spent it on Poipu beach, catching those beautiful rays.  Days two through the end of our trip we experienced torrential rainfall and the island of Kaua'i began flooding.  We had to leave our beachside cottage and fly to the island of Oahu, Hawaii in hopes of leaving the rain and finding the sun (and in hopes of not being stranded on Kaua'i!).  The flooding truly was that bad!  However, upon arrival in Oahu, we realized that we had not yet escaped the rain.  We spent many days of our honeymoon going out and visiting the tourist sites that Oahu has to offer, and we enjoyed them all in the continuous rain.  Thankfully, God blessed us with one very sunny day the day before we had to fly home.  So out of our eight or nine days in Hawaii, only two of them involved sunshine!

Fast forward to this past April.  We decided to take a vacation, just the two of us, to San Diego, California.  We were planning on enjoying five fabulous days in the sun, away from the snow that was continuing to plague Minnesota, and away from the chaos that our schedule currently holds.  When we landed in San Diego, however, it was raining.

It continued to rain throughout the week.

Thankfully, God smiled on us and allowed half-days of sunshine to peek through here and there, and we did both come home sufficiently sunburned!  I must admit, though, that the rain definitely put a damper on our plans to not do any touristy stuff and spend the entire time lounging at our poolside or on the beach, which was a mere block away from our hotel.  Thankfully, we found some touristy stuff to do on the days that it was raining, including renting a car for the day to tour Coronado Island.  We also got to enjoy some time with my cousin, Jill, who lives in San Diego (and who I haven't seen in about 10 years!), which was truly a blast!

All in all, I do believe that we really enjoyed our vacation ... but I really am starting to believe that maybe it's Monte and me that bring the rain! ;)

Me and Monte enjoying the sunshine on Coronado Island.

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