Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Weird Sisters

Disclosure: I have been compensated for giving this review for BlogHer Book Club, but all of the opinions expressed are my own!

"Don't be ridiculous.  I'm exactly like you.  We're all exactly alike, you know."
"Sure.  In the way that we're completely different."

Those two statements so perfectly encompass the relationship among the three sisters featured in The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  These ladies, now adults, grew up in a small college town where their father was a well-known professor with an extreme love of all things Shakespeare (so much that all three of their names came from Shakespeare's works: Rosalind, known as Rose; Bianca, known as Bean; and Cordelia, known as Cordy) and their mother was happy to move through life focusing on the things in front of her as well as being lost in the dreams within her heart.  When the sisters learn that their mother has cancer, they all find themselves once again living under one roof.

Shaped by the many different directions in which life has taken them, they fight to find the common ground that ties them together.  Though seemingly so very different, they come to understand how very much alike they actually are.  This book perfectly encompasses the relationship between sisters and the love that binds in the end.

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