Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lip That Turned Fat

My house is baby-proofed to an extent.  The electrical outlets that are within a child's reach have all been covered, we have gates blocking the entrance to our staircases (though they truly aren't necessary, as Ethan is the one who closes them when they've been left open!), etc., etc.  It has happened far more than once, though, that I have had the thought that the coffee table (which is in the room where Ethan most frequently plays) has the potential of being somewhat dangerous.

I was right.

The first time we discovered this was when the kids had been left with their (incredibly amazing) babysitter.  We came home to learn that Ethan had fallen and hit his mouth on the table, causing a fat lip.  While there was room for concern (because no mother wants to hear that her child had hurt themselves), we weren't too worried about it, as we knew that our babysitter really is amazing, she comforted him and made him feel better, and we knew without a doubt that she was definitely not in the wrong.

So, the wheels in my head started turning about where we could possibly move this table.  All the while, we didn't move the table.  Then yesterday happened and I so very much wished we had moved the table!  You see, Ethan and I were playing in the living room (where said coffee table happens to be located) and he was running toward me when he tripped.  It all happened in slow motion from there.  I saw him falling.  I saw his mouth making contact with the table.  Then I saw the blood.

I immediately swept him up into my arms, grabbed the nearest towel and tried to comfort him.  Thank God (and I really am thanking God for this!) Monte came home about two minutes later, so he was able to help this slightly frantic mama calm down and deal with the situation.  Ethan eventually calmed down and was even back to his happy self within the hour.

This morning, though, my baby's beautiful smile went from looking like this:

To having this hugely fat lip:

I guess there's no complaining, though, when he's still smiling and he's still his happy, spunky self!  However, we have decided to do something about that dreaded coffee table.  While it's a wonderful, beautiful piece of furniture, it just doesn't work for us with a 17-month old in the house, so we have decided to sell it!  If you know of anybody in need of this beautiful table, send them my way! :)

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