Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My darling little boy is now almost 29 months old.  Funny that I put it that way when I promised myself I wasn't going to count his age month-by-month, so allow me to correct myself: my darling little boy is now two-years-old.

He is a ball of energy and excitement!  He loves to play outside, to "drive" my truck (in other words, to sit in the driver's seat and hit every button and switch he can find!), to chase each other through the house, to play, but most of all he loves to TALK!

Here are some of the precious things that come out of his mouth quite frequently (that I'm blogging about because I don't ever want to forget them!):

"My Rumple-Tum-Tum" - this is what he calls his belly!  It's my fault, really, because I started telling him that his stomach was his "rum-a-tum-tum", and that changed into rumple-tum-tum.  It's incredibly cute, though!

"Christmas Clear" - if the kids are in trouble and Monte is correcting their behavior, he often ends with asking them if it's clear to them how they're supposed to behave.  They say yes, he then asks them "How Clear?".  The expected response is "crystal clear", but Ethan has this one just a little confused!! :)

"The Forte Giant" - this comes from an episode of Little Einsteins.  In the specific episode, there is a giant (called The Forte Giant), who sings "Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum".  Ethan loved this so much that he often will go and put on anybody's shoes, stomp his feet and sing out "FE-FI-FO-FUM! ... I'm a Forte Giant!"

He's also a truth teller (which is great!).  For example, last night Monte saw him eating a piece of chocolate right before bed, so he (Monte) asked me, "did you give Ethan this chocolate or did he just take it?"  Before I had a chance to say anything, Ethan looks Monte square in the eyes and says, "I just take it."  :)

He's such a silly little boy who makes me laugh all the time!  I'm so grateful that he is mine :)

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