Thursday, July 31, 2008

Common Sense Question of the Day ...

So here's my question: why is that, when you call someone, they will answer the phone even when they have only a minute (or even a few seconds) to talk? Isn't that what voicemail is for? The reason I ask that is because three very important people in my life have done this to me already this morning, and by the third, I was feeling a bit frustrated! There are people who can do this and I completely understand and have no problem with it - like my brother, Tory. He and I rarely are on the phone with each other, so if one of us is calling, it's usually because it's important. He can pick up the phone and say "hey, I only have a few minutes" and I'll get right to the point and it's all good. It's when I'm calling people that I talk to regularly (and by regularly, I mean at least three or four times per week!) that I get frustrated that they insist on picking up the phone when they don't have time to talk. Now, put the shoe on the other foot and maybe I should feel honored and important that they are choosing to answer my call and talk with me, even when they only have a moment for conversation -- but sometimes, I just want to leave a goofy voicemail!! Oh well, I shouldn't be focused on such an unimportant little thing. Someone wonderful continually reminds me not to sweat the small stuff, so I suppose this is one thing I need to let go of also, right?!

Okay, you win ... I'm done worrying about it! :)

This week has been a crazy busy one! I brought Monte to Perham (my hometown) with me to meet my mom, my step-dad and my dad, and what a trip it was! We had lunch on Saturday with my dad, totaling maybe an hour with him, but it was pleasant conversation and an all around decent experience. After that we went out to my mom and Bob's house, and the rest of the evening was wonderful -- we chatted, we relaxed in the hammock (my favorite thing about summer's at their house!), Monte and Bob went fishing, mom and I went for a walk ... it was such a great time! We ended up having to leave early on Sunday morning, as I had a meeting (for WyldLife Youth Group) in Elk River to be back for, but we left deciding that we're going to bring his kids back up there this coming weekend for a mini-retreat. It will be great!

The rest of the week has been more than slightly crazy: Sunday night was a BBQ with friends, Monday was work and then out to Monte's house for an evening with he and the kids. Tuesday night was furniture assembly! Monte and I worked hard (well, Monte worked hard, I pretended to be a hard-working helper!) at putting together my end tables for my bedroom and the bench for the entry way. It was a full night of work, but completely worth it! Wednesday was all day long at Valleyfair with WyldLife! It was a great trip, but I came out of there completely exhausted and sunburned! :) I guess those are the effects of a full day of fun in the sun! Tonight I get to see Becca (she's coming over to visit this evening!!) and tomorrow night I'm with Monte and the kids (or possibly my cousins, Shannon and Rachel, depending on circumstance) and then Saturday is back to Perham with Monte and crew!

Where did all of my time go?! :)


  1. I will remember that when you call and I only have a minute! :) DO NOT ANSWER...WAIT FOR FUNNY MESSAGE! :)

  2. Hi - I haven't checked your blog for a while but I got a kick out of your "complaint" about the phone.
    I think you should be feel honored when a friend picks up with only a minute to spare.
    Here is why. When I do not have time to talk but someone I love calls me - I want to know if there is something they REALLY need or if they just wanted to chat. If they really need me that becomes my priority but chatting can happen anytime (especially since you said you talk to these folks several times a week).
    Hope that helps you in your frustration!


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