Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From my step-daughter, Claire

This is something I came across that my step-daughter, Claire, was going to post on my blog, but lost it before she posted. I recovered it today and decided it was something that needed to be posted. She wrote this on November 2, 2008 - before Monte and I were married. Here it is:

10 random facts about Kami

1. Her nose moves when she talks.

2. Her favorite season is Autumn, because of all the pretty colors and perfect weather.

3. As a child, her nickname was Goose.

4. When she was young, her dog Muffin got lethally bitten.

5. She is at Tanya Thom's home right now.

6. She likes to cook spaghetti.

7. She has a pair of pajamas with squirrels printed on them.

8. At a youth group she led, there was a disrespectful boy called Jeff. He never listened to anything she said; he also had an annoying habit of belching whenever she asked a question. One day, when he did the aforementioned sin, she bought a soda (the room they were meeting in had a vending machine residing in it), chugged it, and belched right back. From then on, she had his attention and respect.

9. Last I checked, her fave chewing gum brand is Orbit.

10. She just bought a Nintendo DS that is white with the Breast Cancer symbol on it.


  1. I love that Claire-Bear! She should write a book one day!! :)

  2. Love the part about the boy with the belching issues... Woman, you are going to be one phenomenal mother -- you already are. That was BRILLIANT!


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