Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Here's a quick "catcher upper" on my life for the past two weeks:

I've had a three-year-old throwing screaming fits in stores and banks because he doesn't get treats. Because of this, I had stopped taking him anywhere. A week later, the fits have stopped and we can shop together again!

I travelled to Perham (my hometown) and back in less than 48 hours to celebrate Easter with my dad's side of the family. I brought my step-son, Ellis, who was bored out of his mind. I must note, though, that it was his decision to come along and he was forewarned about the boredom!

We spent Easter Sunday at church and then with Kelley's family at Dan and Debbie's house. We had a wonderful feast, great company, and the kiddos enjoyed the egg hunt. All-in-all it made for a very fabulous day!

Our new table has arrived and almost all of my redecorating is complete! It's so wonderful to have a home that truly feels like ME.

I'm taking a weekend "get away" a week from Friday. Granted, I'm just staying at a hotel in Maple Grove for the weekend, but it is going to be get away enough for me! My mom is going to stay with me all weekend and my sister and sister-in-law are staying with us on Friday night. It's going to be a blast! I get to treat my mom to her first pedicure EVER -- I can't wait!!

My husband continues to be my hero and the one person that I love more than life itself! I thrive on the fact that I know he's coming home in the afternoon and usually don't stray far from his side all evening long. I am truly a blessed woman to have received such an amazing man for a husband. Thank You, God!!!

I've been putting off cleaning my house (I'm talking deep cleaning) for a few days now, but I think I've run out of excuses and I actually have to do it today. I want to clean my truck first, though. Is that bad?! ;)

Monte and I leave for Orlando the first week of May. He is going for a business conference, I am flying out a few days later for vacation :) It's going to be so wonderful!

Iain is now in baseball and Ellis is in soccer. These sports keep us extremely busy during the week. On the weekends, Claire is riding horse. It's just a crazy busy schedule to follow!

This gorgeous weather has me encouraged that it's time to take my Colin on a bike ride today. Maybe it's time I finally toured the city of Mound and found out where I can truthfully GO with a bike around here!! :)

My brother and his family were recently evacuated from their home in Jamestown, ND due to the potential of flooding. There's absolutely nothing I can do for them besides the one thing that I know I can always do, which is pray. Will you please pray, too? Their names are Tory and Lisa. Lisa is currently six months pregnant with their second child - I can't imagine being put out of your home on top of already being pregnant. Pray for miracles for them - for the water to disappear and not destroy their home and for God to give them incredible peace through this circumstance.

Beyond that, not much else is new. So, how are you?! :)


  1. Glad you updated! Where is your brother & his family staying? That's terrible.

  2. We defianately need to talk more often, we have many kids the same ages and are probably going through the same things. It is great that you are taking breaks, I believe all Mom's need them.

  3. Glad to read the update from you hun!!! :) I just wrote mine too! haha :) Love you sooo much!


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