Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Things That Come From His Mouth

Some of the random things you will hear while talking to our three-year-old wonder boy, Colin:

"Please pretty?!" (instead of 'pretty please'!).

"I left my good boy in the woods, so I'm just going to be naughty today."

"Kami, can you get the crusty blood out of my ears?" (this is referring to when there is earwax in his ears!).

"Chicka now now Chicka now now" (our dear, sweet three-year-old sings this and it sounds a LOT like low-budget porn music).

(At breakfast) "I'm not hungry for oatmeal, I'm hungry for dinner." I ask him, "well what's for dinner?" He responds with, "a treat!"

We've told him countless times that we have too many toys at home, so before we get new toys, we're going to donate some of our toys to kids who don't have as many. While walking through Target the other day he insisted, "Kami, we NEED to go home so that I can give all the little kids ALL of my toys - then we can come back and buy ALL of these toys!"

"I don't think it's time for bed because the sky is still blue."

While sitting in waiting room at the auto shop, Colin overheard people talking about the president. He turns to me and asks, "Kami, is John Wayne the president?"

These are just a few of the things I hear every single day out of the mouth of our dear, sweet Colin! There is never EVER a day that goes by that I can call boring :)


  1. That's right...never a dull moment! And treasure these days, because they really are over all too soon. I love that kiddo!! :)

  2. Laugher is the best medicine -- sounds like you have a permanent cure, ha ha!!!!

    He's so sweet!


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