Monday, April 20, 2009

Everything is Beautiful

I can't believe how much has changed in the past few weeks, but somehow all of these changes have helped me to put my personal touch on our home - and I finally feel like I have just that: my very own home. After our water damage in the basement, we had to put in new carpet. Somehow, this carpet has caused me to fall in love with our family room and I spend MUCH of my free time down there (whereas I previously would avoid the room, as it just didn't feel comfortable to me). We had to replace our desk, as the old desk had mold growing on and in it from the water damage. We replaced it with a BEAUTIFUL cherry wood desk - which once again feels more like me. Now I'm anticipating the arrival of our final piece of our kitchen set (our table arrived, but the sideboard won't be in until the beginning of May) so that I can hang artwork and put the finishing touches on my home. It's so wonderful to me that I truly feel this way, as when I first moved in, it truly felt like I was living in a stranger's home. Monte's late wife, Kelley, had a very modern taste in her decorating, which works wonderfully for some, but I don't have any of that taste - so it was hard for me to live in a home surrounded completely by incredibly bright colors and lots of modern artwork and furniture. Little by little we have changed paint colors, area rugs, and some artwork .. and I truly feel at home. I came to this realization this morning when I was thinking that nothing would make me want to move from here, not even living closer to my sister which is something I've been wanting ever since I moved here (sorry Tanya!). I love my home and I love that my husband has been so wonderful about allowing me to make the changes necessary so I feel at home. My dear, sweet Monte, thank you for all of your understanding of my need to change. I love you so very much!

To view some of these changes, visit my Facebook photo album (and no, you don't have to have a Facebook account to view it) by visiting this link:

I don't have pictures of the new carpet up there yet, but hopefully I will soon!


  1. oh that makes me so happy! it is SO important to feel AT HOME in your home! Who knew taht a little water damage could be a BLESSING?! =)

  2. I hear ya... When I moved up here most of my furniture had to stay at my house to stage it so we just had Dan's bacheloresque furniture (Pink arm chairs courtesy of his grandmother's late friend... in the house of a outdoorsy hunting/fishing guy... really?!?) so it was soooooo nice when finally we were able to start making a mine/yours collection in the house. We just finished the basement too (which dog loves because it has carpet she can run and get traction on) so I, like you, can't wait to finally furnish it. Just that whole paying for the new furnishings.... *sigh*
    I'm glad you're enjoying the new stuff!!


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