Monday, August 17, 2009

Schedule Overload

Do you ever feel like you have too much going on, but know that if you don't wait out your busy schedule it's just going to get busier? I'm there. While my family has enjoyed more than our fair share of down time and vacationing, we are also finding that we are in hyper overload to get a lot of things done. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Wanna see our list? Too bad, you're gonna!

We have to: weed all of our flower gardens (and they're BIG flower gardens that haven't been touched yet this summer), sweep and seal coat our driveway (we do this ourselves - WAY less expensive), clean all of the apples from the ground in the orchard (to prevent making applesauce when I mow), stain the deck, clean the garage (a project three years in the making), paint our back patio, clean all of our windows, seal the sidewalk and back patio, paint our columns, paint the living room, paint the family room ceiling, power wash the house (I attempted this, but our power washer is currently BROKEN), trim the hedge, clean the shed, organize our laundry room (it is currently the unorganized storage room for all the kids art and play projects), clean the hillside down to the lake, fix our dock, fix the path down to the dock, repaint and caulk our master bathroom, super clean and organize our kids' rooms, paint Colin's room, and paint our basement doors.

Did I also mention that we've given ourselves a two-week time limit to get all of this done? Because we have. Why on earth would we do all of that? Well, that would be entirely because we've made the decision to put our house on the market and see if we can sell it. I'm honestly not sure if we're discussing this with people yet, but somehow I feel confident in the fact that I can tell all of you :) The reasoning that we're looking to sell is because we want to live closer to family - to my family, to Monte's family and to Kelley's family. It's a transition that I have been longing for for a long time, but yet somehow I didn't know that it was what I wanted. While we both love this house, it's just not ideal for us if our family is to ever grow (and no, this is not my way to tell you I'm pregnant because I most definitely am not!). Our home has a lot of amazing features, but in the same sense I think we both know that it's time to take the greatness that our house holds and use that in our benefit to see if someone else cares to buy it.

So, if I'm gone from blogging for awhile, just know that it's because I am consumed in the preparation for listing our house on the market, I am consumed with caring for our family and am consumed with getting the kids ready for school.

But enough about me ... how are you?!