Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pure Enjoyment

Recently, while wandering through the pages of my own blog, I clicked on my "Stepmom Moments" link and read through all of the posts pertaining to that subject.  It was a true time of reflection for me, a time to see just how far I have come in the fourteen months that I have been a wife and a stepmom.  The transition into this role was a very hard one for me to go through and something that I often questioned; not necessarily the fact of whether or not I should be in this role, because I know I was made for it, but whether or not I should have left my job as quickly as I did.  In the beginning, I longed to go back to work entirely because I knew how to do that.  There weren't many surprises that came in the day that I wasn't trained to handle.  In my stepmom role, however, there are surprises each and every day that I am slowly but surely learning how to deal with.

The great thing, however, is that I have realized how far I truly have come.  I have a better schedule that I stick to, I have a meal plan that I follow.  I spend more time playing with the kids and less time worrying about why certain things don't go the way I anticipate them to.  The thing that has changed the most, however, is my own perspective.  You see, what I truly realized is how much I now absolutely enjoy being home with the kids.  I love spending my days playing with them.  I don't necessarily love the cleaning that we do, but I know it's necessary and therefore I will do it!  More than anything I have learned that God really did put me in this position because He had prepared it for me.  I am preparing for this position more and more each day, and each and every day I am a better fit for it.

I love being a stepmom!

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