Monday, February 22, 2010

We've Run Out of Living Room

Things have been extremely busy around here, which is why I've been absent from blogging for awhile now.  As many of you know, we're working on an addition on our home, which will hopefully be complete within the next month or so.  Well, along with building this addition, we are continually finding ourselves at Lowe's and Home Depot purchasing supplies (i.e. lighting, flooring, tile, etc.), which is a fabulously fun thing to do!  However, unlike most people, when we bring the supplies home, we don't have a garage that we can dump everything into.  So, that being said, we've been making due with whatever extra space we have.  While our master closet has already been invaded, we found ourselves having to take away space from the living room to store this stuff, too!  Remember the serenity I talked about in this fabulous chair back in this post?  The chair I talked about is a great place to rest and relax.  It's this chair ...

Unfortunately, the peace and serenity that surround this fabulous resting spot have been invaded.  Now, when you peek around the other side of that chair, this is what you see:

Or when you take a look more closely, this is the chaos that abounds:

To recap, we have our office desk, manymanymany (yes, so many that it's all one word) lighting fixtures, soda (that is to be transferred out to our soda machine in our apartment building tonight!), a toddler bed, flooring and who knows what else?!   Oh Lord where did the serenity of my living room go?!

Add to that the fact that we now have tile and hardwood flooring to store, and we were beside ourselves with what to do with it!  Then we came up with this fabulous idea!  See this?  

This is Claire's new loft bed and desk.  She absolutely loves it!  Having her bed lofted has given her so much more space in her already cramped bedroom.  Now she has room to do her homework, or just hang out and relax.  Mostly, though, it has given her more room!!  Room for what?  Wait, what are those?  You mean these (don't mind the fact that I'm having a conversation with myself here!)?!
Well, these are the boxes of tile that we purchased yesterday.  Unfortunately, we have truly run out of room for storage, and Claire Bear's bedroom seemed to be the next logical spot!  Thankfully it isn't too overrun with tile! :)

But what about all of that wood flooring we just bought?  Did I mention to you that Colin now has a new big boy bed (another post about this is coming soon!)?!  Well, just in case you weren't aware, here is a picture of him (during nap time!) sleeping in his bed:

Wait a minute ... what is that on the right?  All those boxes stacked on his floor?  Well, since you asked (hehe!), I suppose I can give you a closer look:

This is the wood flooring that we purchased (that was on a MEGA sale, by the way!).  We've run out of Living Room and Claire's Room and Master Bedroom (a.k.a. our room!) storage space, so naturally we're heading toward the next main-level room - Colin's room!  Thankfully, he doesn't mind having these in his bedroom, especially knowing that he's being very helpful to daddy and I by letting us keep our "stuff for making the addition done" in his room!

And what about him?  Well, he seems to be sleeping peacefully through the whole thing (including my mini photo shoot in his bedroom!), so I guess I can say he really must not mind! :)

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