Thursday, June 10, 2010

16 Weeks

I had my check-up with my OBGYN this past week Monday.  It came as a bit of a surprise to me to find out that I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant.  I imagine if I went back and correctly calculated, it would have come out right, but somehow my head got confused (I want to blame my husband for this one because he's always playing tricks on me regarding how far along I am!) and I thought I was only 14 weeks.  Crazy crazy crazy!

So, Colin and I went to the appointment together and he sat nicely and played with the toys we brought along, tying them all up with a rubber band (it's amazing how simple things like that will amuse a child!).  The nurse came in and asked the usual questions and then asked me to lay back so she could listen to the baby's heartbeat.  She put the little sound machine on my belly and moved it around.  We heard only my heartbeat.  She moved it again .. and again .. and again .. and again.  After about two minutes of searching with no success, she decided to just let the doctor find the heartbeat.  At this point, my own heart began to race as I was wondering why on Earth she was having a difficult time finding it.  Every other appointment I have had resulted in the baby's heartbeat being found without an issue.  Naturally, this mama's heart began to beat wildly and with a bit of fear and anticipation.  I had about five minutes to wait before my doctor came into the room.  I think I'm good at hiding it when I'm nervous, but evidently I'm not because Colin looked at my face and asked, "what's wrong, Kami?"  I was honest with him and explained that the nurse couldn't hear baby's heart and so we were going to have the doctor try and see if he could hear it, and that mama's just need to hear their baby's heart beating to know that everything is okay.  He asked if that's why, when we're cuddling, I sometimes lay my head on his chest and just be quiet.  I smiled and said, "yes, baby, that's why."

A couple more minutes went by where I silently pleaded with God to let our baby be okay ... to let it be healthy and growing as it should.  Then the doctor came in.  He asked me how I'm feeling and I told him I was nervous because the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat.  He immediately told me that we would do what we could to find it.  It still took about a minute, but the moment that baby's heartbeat was heard, my heart soared with joy!  It was such a relief to know that our baby is okay and that mama was getting nervous over nothing!!

We discussed some small questions and simple things and then I was free to go.  I'm incredibly excited for our next appointment, though, as we are having an ultrasound and will be able to tell whether we are having a boy or a girl.  Monte and I both have our heart set on one, but we also know that, if it turns out to be the other, that we will be just as fully blessed and just as happy to have this new baby in our lives!

God is good ... ALL the time!

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