Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Bummer of a Morning ...

Awww man, my little guy (a.k.a. Colin) woke up this morning not feeling so well.  This was evidenced in the fact that his cereal came back up about a half hour after he ate it (and I was thanking God that he managed to get to the bathroom before it happened, because he almost never does!).  So I laid him down in his bed and he fell fast asleep.  Poor baby.  Due to this fact, I had to reschedule my OB appointment that I had for today (as Colin usually comes with me, but I can't bring a sick kid to my appointment and I don't feel right asking a neighbor to watch my child who is throwing-up) to next week.  It bums me out a little bit, as I was really excited to hear our peanut's heartbeat again and see how things are progressing ... but I will wait it out a few days longer!

So, instead, today I will do some laundry and dusting around the house (because my house is still pretty darn CLEAN from the barbeque we hosted this past Monday) and probably take a nap in there somewhere.  I'm really trying to change my attitude and be a bit happier about my day at home ... but I think I was really ready for a day away from home!

Oh well ... I can only pray that Colin is feeling well again soon.  Guess I shouldn't be feeling bad about missing my appointment when my little guy really is feeling awfully bad.

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