Monday, November 1, 2010

Could It Be?

I have a slight bit of a predicament.  You see, I was going along just fine in this pregnancy (except for the fact that I'm a little bit "owley" according to my loving husband!), not expecting to meet this little guy until my due date, which is November 24.  Then I went to my most recent checkup this past Friday and now I just don't know what to expect!  You see, at this checkup, I found out that our little guy is in fact head-down and ready to go, and evidently I, too, am ready to go as I am dilated to just over 3 cm already!  This is news I absolutely was NOT expecting to receive.  I don't really know why, but I was anticipating hearing that everything is fine and moving along as expected and that I would be having a baby on or near my due date.  To have my doctor tell me that many women are already receiving their epidural when they're at 3 cm shocked me!  He told me that it would be a good idea to get my bag packed and be ready to head out to the hospital at any time, as he doesn't think I will be waiting until my due date to have this baby.

That's great news!!  Right?  Well, yes of course it is ... but it also bugs me.  See, what happens if I don't have the baby until my due date?  Then I'm spending the next three weeks hoping that he'll be coming soon, and then realizing that's just not the case!  I admit that I am spending lots of time praying that God will bless me with this little one as soon as possible.  I figure since he's already in position and my body seems to be more than ready, then it's just a good thing to move it forward because the ninth month of pregnancy has NOT been a comfortable one for me (maybe that explains my "owley" attitude!).

Please pray for me, too, as I don't want to go crazy waiting for our little guy to arrive!!

Oh - and you will be updated when labor does arrive, as my wonderful sister has agreed to do my blogging for me when I head to the hospital, cause I am just not one of those mamas who intends on bringing her computer with her when she goes to have her baby!! :)

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