Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's TIME!!!

Hello faithful friends and followers of "My Beautiful Day" ...this is Kami's older (& wiser!) sister, Tanya reporting.  Just thought you might like to know that Kami is officially in labor, and is at the hospital getting ready to deliver her first born.  We are hoping to welcome sweet Baby Ethan Bennett into the world very soon!!  I will keep you posted as I know more. 

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos that her great hubby Monte sent me a couple of hours back.  We'll see how long that smile stays on her face during labor!! ;)

Please do keep Kami in your prayers.  Pray for a smooth labor and delivery, and that God will give her the strength and stamina to get through this, as she was up most of the night with very little sleep!  When I spoke with her on the phone around noon, she was waiting for her epidural.  I tried to talk her out of it... but she said she wasn't having that conversation with me.  Say WHAT!?  Go figure!!?!! ;)  LOL!  I'm just an anxious auntie who wants to see her new nephew ASAP and I want nothing to slow it down.  Hmmph... here I thought I had more say in this; but guess NOT!  ;)

Anyway, enjoy the pics and hopefully the next time I post, there will be BABY photos to share!! :)

God bless!  <><


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