Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dancing the Pounds Away

"Come on, SHIMMY!"

"Keep those arms up - I don't want to see you put them down!"

"I want to see pretty hands."

"This part is called seduction, I want to see seduction on your face, not exhaustion ... but not too much seduction either!"

These are some of the many quotes I have heard over the past month on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  You see, this is the time that I turn our household over to Monte, load up my gym bag and hit the road to go to the gym and take in a belly dancing class.

Belly dancing?  Are you serious?!  Yes.  Completely, totally serious.  I was definitely skeptical of it initially, as my sweet friend, Trish, had invited me to join her in the classes.  I had mentioned to her how I am starting to spend more time working out in effort to rid myself of some of this extra baby weight, and she told me that these classes were an excellent workout.  So I decided to give it a try.

The first class was a little bit hard for me, as I will admit to feeling completely self-conscious.  However, Maggie (the instructor) took no time at all to put my fears at ease and make class a fun time.  It doesn't matter what level you're at, this class keeps you working, keeps your heart rate up, and keeps you having FUN!  I think this is the only workout class I've ever taken where I'm not staring at the clock all hour, just begging for it to move faster.

There are some moves that I'm still not good at.  I'm okay with that.  I have a really hard time keeping my arms looking pretty when we're in the snake song (I really have no idea what the name of the song is, but I know it tells me to move like a snake!).  I'm okay with that, too.  I love the class because all of the women involved make you feel amazing about yourself.  I love the class because of the modesty and character of the instructor.  It doesn't matter your age, your size or your dancing ability (trust me, there are women in class who are young and old, skinny and round and everything in between!) .. all you feel is love and support from these women, who likely have experienced the self-consciousness of the class, too!

In fact, I'm enjoying the class so much that I finally decided it was time to purchase a skirt of my own.  You see, I have been borrowing a skirt from Trish since my first class.  While it is a lovely skirt, I still am feeling like I want to be able to return it to her and use a few of my own.  So, after browsing for awhile, I found a few skirts that I think will be perfect.  I'm excited to try this one out the most (though I will lay out the disclaimer that I definitely cover myself up more than the mannequin in this picture!):

I love the leopard print it has!  So Trish, sometime soon you can count on getting your skirt back! :)

If you're free on Monday evenings or Saturday afternoons, come join us - you won't regret it at all (Shawn, you would love it)!

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