Monday, February 7, 2011

Three Months

Today my sweet little baby boy is three months old.  As of right now these are the amazing things I note about him:

- He sleeps solidly through the night.  We put him to bed around 9:30pm and he doesn't wake up until 6:30am.  This is a huge blessing from God!!
- He sleeps almost all morning long (AFTER having slept all night long), waking up only every three hours or so for some food.  This is the time that I try to get some cleaning done or play with Colin.
- Today was his first day in the childcare center at Lifetime Fitness.  According to the worker, he is a dream baby (I think so too!).
- He loves to smile and "talk" to people and does it quite freqently.
- He sleeps better when he's in a room full of noise than a quiet room (I guess this is expected when you're the youngest of five kids)!
- Sometimes when he's fussy it's just because he wants you to uncover his legs and let him kick.  Monte calls this his "bike rider" move.
- He loves the 'stinky toes' game.

He has captured the hearts of all of his siblings, his daddy and his mama and we are so very blessed to celebrate three months with him in our lives!  Happy three month birthday sweet Ethan!  We love you!

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