Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Seemingly Untitled Post

Yesterday was amazing!  As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was Valentine's Day.  My husband went above and beyond to make the day wonderful for me - and it was as wonderful as it could be, given the circumstances.  You see, I woke up yesterday morning with the flu and a bad cold.  I had already felt the cold coming on and had taken some preventative measures, but it was bound and determined to hit me, no matter what.  So, when Monte came to kiss me goodbye before he left for work, I mentioned to him that I really didn't feel well.  He gave me some medicine and promised to check in with me later that morning.  I fell back asleep and didn't get up until Ethan started to cry for his morning bottle.  I got up, changed his diaper and fed him - still feeling exhausted and just plain icky.  After Ethan finished feeding and burping, I put him in his swing and called Monte at work.  I told him I really didn't feel well enough to take care of Colin and Ethan.  He told me that he had one meeting he really had to get to that morning and then he was going to come home.  I can tell you that there are no sweeter words that I heard yesterday than that!

He ended up arriving at home in the late morning and immediately took over taking care of Colin and Ethan.  He took them out for awhile so that I could have some quiet time to sleep peacefully.  He came home and made sure I was still taking medicine like I should be (I wasn't .. I'm not good at taking care of myself when I'm sick!).  He was home when all of our other kids got off the bus.  He made dinner and took care of the kids and me.  He gave me the best Valentine's Day gift I could have received because he showed me his unconditional love in action.  My husband showed God's love to me through his selfless actions yesterday and I am so grateful to him for being so wonderful!

Later in the evening I captured this picture on my cell phone of him playing and talking with Ethan, and it just warms my heart completely!

My husband gave me the most stress-free and relaxing Valentine's Day I could have asked for!  I love you Monte!! :)

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