Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Cabin to the Emergency Room and Everything In-Between

To say that this has been an eventful beginning to our vacation is COMPLETELY an understatement.  It has been crazy!  This past Friday, we packed up our stuff in the Suburban, gave our garage door opener to our house-sitter and headed down the road toward our vacation destination: Dent, MN (in case you weren't aware, Dent is a truly podink little town not far from the podink little town where I grew up).

Actually, that isn't completely true.  On Friday, we headed to my mom's house in Ottertail, then on Sunday we came to our vacation destination in Dent.  I stand self-corrected.

Regardless, between Friday and now things have been crazy.  We have gone to my grandma's 89th birthday party, done a lot of fishing and swimming in the lake, I went to Detroit Lakes and had my hair done by a long time friend (and I really love it!), we've prepared, eaten and cleaned up from meals, spent time talking and playing cards, and took one very scary trip to the Emergency Room.

Today (our second official day at the cabin we've rented near Dent), Monte was making dinner and I was feeding Ethan when we heard a very loud crash.  Unsure of what it was, I went running toward the sound, only to find the bathroom door locked (the bathroom was the source of the crash).  After some time of telling whomever was in the bathroom to open the door, Ellis finally came out.  I asked him what the sound was, and he just wandered past me and went and laid down on his bed.  Monte and I both followed him in there, trying to figure out what on earth had happened.  It wasn't until Ellis turned around and faced us that we noticed the enormous goose egg that was rapidly growing on his head.

It took us awhile to get the story from him, but somehow he had slipped and hit his head on the bathroom floor.  Considering the fact that the goose egg was continuing to grow, Monte and I decided that it was a good idea to take him in to get checked.  Since I am more familiar with the area, we decided that I should take him in.  The drive there was very tough on both of us, as I couldn't stand seeing him in so much pain (and slight confusion), and he was just truly so flustered and was not feeling well at all.  I sped all the way there (going about 80mph in a 55mph zone) and prayed non-stop all the way there!  When we arrived at the Emergency Room we waited TWENTY MINUTES for the lady at the desk to go through registration with us.  I was beyond floored, but thankfully I remembered to keep my cool and we got through it without me making a scene!

We were brought back and the doctor immediately entered and began asking questions and examining Ellis.  After about 10 minutes of questions and exam, the doctor concluded that Ellis likely has just suffered a concussion.

I've never in my life been so happy to hear that someone has a concussion as I was at that moment!  It was such a relief to know that he is going to be fine and that he can continue to enjoy our vacation and he can still fish (which was his biggest concern).  I'm sure he won't be thrilled with his dad and I waking him up every few hours tonight to make sure that he's okay (and neither will his brother, Iain, who is sharing a room with him!), but I guarantee you that he is beyond thrilled to know that he is going to be just fine!

The best part of the entire trip to the ER, however, is the fact that the nurse working there tonight is the mom of one of my friends and a woman whom I have known for a long time.  It was such a blessing to my heart to have a familiar face there when I was feeling so completely nervous!

So now, I'm sitting here in the cabin as Ethan is sound asleep in our room, just waiting for Monte and the rest of the kids to come back from fishing, and I can't help but to thank God for His protection over my son today.  This was my first ever trip to the Emergency Room with Ellis since I became his step-mom two-and-a-half years ago, and this trip solidified what I already knew in my heart: I love that boy as if he were my own son and I am eternally grateful to God for the blessing of him and his siblings!

God truly is good ALL the time!

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  1. Glad he is ok! Enjoy your time in the sprawling metropolis of Dent! You are right...God is good all the time. Much love!


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