Monday, August 1, 2011

Shopping Carts

I often wonder what goes through people's minds in relation to the shopping carts that they use.  Yesterday was a prime example of why I am so curious.  Claire, Ethan and I went to Costco to pick up some much needed groceries.  Upon arriving, we parked at the end of the parking lot - entirely because someone had abandoned their cart there and I decided we were going to use it.

I got out of the truck and grabbed the cart, only to realize that whomever had previously used it decided that it was a good trash can and left behind muffin wrappers, a plastic spoon and a leaf of some sort (which I'm guessing is from some produce that was purchased).  Ew.  So, I picked it all up and handed it to Claire to hold for a minute while I loaded Ethan and all of his gear into the cart.  I took the trash back from her and we proceeded into the store (where I stopped at the trash can right outside of the store and deposited said trash).

We did our shopping and all went well, with the exception of the fact that Ethan was a little bit crabby (ever since we went on vacation his sleep schedule seems to be a little bit off and he does not nap at the times that he used to, so he was very tired).  We paid for our items, loaded them up and headed back out to our truck.  Upon walking out there, I was amazed at the sheer lazyness of people!  There were shopping carts abandoned two parking spaces away from the cart return.  There were shopping carts left in the grass islands of the parking lot.  There were some that were in the middle of the driving lanes (in the parking lot), some filled with trash (much like the one we originally took) and truly only about five that were actually in the cart return (and I had been watching, there was not someone who had recently cleaned out the return, as that was the same number and location of carts as what was in there when we went into the store).

Yes, I know I'm a little bit anal, a little too much of a Type A personality - but for real?!  How difficult is it to walk the extra 10 feet to bring your cart to where it belongs?  Or how difficult is it to throw your trash away in the trash cans provided right outside the door upon leaving the store?

I just don't get it!  I've never been one to abandon a cart in the middle of the parking lot, or anywhere but the cart return for that matter!  So, I look around and simply wonder, have we really become this lazy?

I sure hope that's not the reason.

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