Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giving With No Boundaries

Each year for Christmas Monte and I buy the kids one big thing.  We then give them the money to shop for everybody else in the family (with a price limit, of course!).  This has been a wonderful way for us to teach them about giving and to turn the focus of Christmas from Santa (where it was a few years ago) to the miracle of Jesus' birth and to the greatness of giving instead of always wanting to get something.

This lesson has been nothing short of amazing.

So, last night, my three big boys (Iain, Ellis and Colin) and I headed out to do some Christmas shopping.  We decided to settle on going to Dick's Sporting Goods, as that is a place that we all enjoy and can easily find things that we love.  The boys knew who was on their list to shop for, and I was included on that list.  They knew their price limit and I told them that I would do my best to not notice anything that they were buying for me (which didn't work out in the end, but that's okay!).

As we were walking through the store, Colin suddenly stops and says, "Kami, close your eyes, I want to show them something we should get for you."  I immediately closed my eyes as he pointed out his treasured find to his older brothers.  I could hear them stifling their giggles as they responded with, "uhhh ... Colin, um .. I think we don't have enough money for that!"

So Colin told me I could open my eyes and he insisted on showing me what he had chosen out for me:
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Yes, it's definitely true that my sweet, five-year-old Colin thought I would really enjoy a bright yellow sports bra and some tiny running shorts!  What an amazing heart he has that he finds something he thinks is cool and has no qualms about wanting to buy it for me ... even when my baby pudge will stick out and look something awful while wearing it! :)

I, too, had to stifle my giggles when I replied by saying, "oh honey, it is really a nice gift, but I think the big boys are right ... you don't have enough money to buy it!"

Oh the things that boy says!

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