Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recollection

This past weekend was everything that I had dreamed it to be.  All of my anticipations, excitement and thoughts about the weekend were met to the fullest.  You see, this past Friday, my husband and I left our children in the incredibly capable hands of our favorite babysitter/nanny and we headed to the little town of Manhattan Beach, Minnesota.

Never heard of it?  I hadn't either.  However, this little town (and when I say little, I truly mean tiny) is the home of the Manhattan Beach Lodge, where my husband and I would spend the entire weekend celebrating our 3rd anniversary (which was this past Tuesday).

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Our suite was amazing.  The view over the lake was gorgeous.  The food in their restaurant was divine (I had the prime rib ... twice!).  The lodge, itself, was cute and quaint.  Upon reading the history of the lodge, we came to learn that it has housed many varieties of people, from families on vacation to Hollywood's elite such as Bob Hope.  The history of the lodge is really very awesome - you can read about it on their website.

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The lodge is beautiful.  Their restaurant is fabulous.  The entire weekend away was completely wonderful!  It is only about a half hour away from Brainerd, too, in case you want to get away and do a little shopping (which we did on Saturday - and boy oh boy was it crazy with all of the Christmas shoppers in the stores!).

We had a marvelous weekend away, but there still was nothing compared to the joy of coming home to all of our babies - their fighting and all!  Getting away is great, but coming home is truly the best!

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