Thursday, September 13, 2012


I'm surprised at how often God continually amazes me.  I know that sometimes I should expect that He will, but I am still blown away by Him ALL. THE. TIME.

It's no secret (at least not on here) that I have felt distant from God.  My life has been incredibly hectic and I have felt a lot of self-pity in the fact that there wasn't quiet time.  My prayer recently has been that God would show me where there is quiet time in my life and that I would learn to fill it with Him.

He has been so faithful.

My life is filled with quiet moments.  Yes, they are just that - moments.  But they are moments that I so desperately need to keep my cup filling up.  It might be the five minutes I have while Ethan is splashing in the bathtub and I am sitting on the floor keeping my watchful eye on him.  It might be the sweetness of tucking Colin into bed at night and having him want me to crawl in and snuggle with him in that tiny twin bed.  It might be through loving my children that I discover God's ultimate love for me.

It might be through allowing Ethan to say our mealtime prayer last night, which went something like this:
"Father ... thank you ... food ... bless ... bodies ... (mumbling something I don't understand) .. day .. jeeus name ... AMEN!"

And you know what?  We let that be our prayer.  He has the sweetest heart, and he may not fully understand what he's saying or the fact that he's saying it to God, but it showed me just how much we can teach our children by the way we are living out our own life.

So I'm choosing to be thankful, and in that thankfulness, I am seeing more of Him everyday.

As I draw closer to God, He is faithful and, as He promised, He is drawing closer to me.

And I love it!

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