Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Working Out" Is My Four-Letter-Word

Can I be honest about something?  Before I ever had a baby, I had that mentality.  You know the one; it occurs when you look at a woman with children and wonder why she hasn't yet lost her baby weight.  The one where you assume it's because she's too lazy to work out and has no self-control over what she eats.

If it were possible to kick my own butt for ever thinking that way, I certainly would!

Now, almost two full years after having Ethan, I can't help but resent how much of a struggle it really can be to lose that weight.  I know that I've come pretty far from where I was, and I know that I do look good (no arrogance here *wink, wink*), but I also know that I would feel so much better about myself if I were to lose those last 10 pounds.

While I know that I will likely never be my size 0/1 little self again ...

~ I won't lie - I miss being this little! ~

... would it be okay to be a size four ... without the muffin top?!

So I have begun the battle.  While I already have been doing lap swimming in the mornings, I have found that it's just not enough.  My metabolism goes up and then plummets down during the day when all I do is swim at 5:10am.  I have tried doing Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred.  This has worked for me in the past when it came to really losing that initial baby weight (you know, the weight that was supposed to come off when I was breastfeeding ... then breastfeeding didn't go so well for my babe and I had to stop by the time he was only two months old).  It just doesn't seem to help truly tone and lose the remaining weight.

What now?  Well, I once again have joined a local gym.  But this time, I'm truly very committed to making it work.  I have a goal in mind and a date by which I want to achieve it.  I have met with a personal trainer (compliments of the gym that I joined!) and laid out a workout plan.  I am striving toward truly building and toning muscle, while hopefully shedding the remaining flab.

Now, the biggest struggle for me is convincing myself to GO to the gym.  It's getting going in the morning and getting my butt there.  It does help that I have a group of girlfriends who go there a few times a week - I am trying to line up my schedule so I can be there when they are and I can be faithful to going.  I so desperately want the end result, and I still have to convince myself every day that the daily work and the struggle to get myself to do it is completely worth it.

It's true.  "Working Out" really is my four-letter-word.  This time, I am determined to conquer it!

Now just to convince my body to stop craving junk food ... :)

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