Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sell My House!

I know I mentioned in a previous post that we currently have our home on the market in anticipation of selling and moving closer to our extended family.

Our home, desperately searching for its next owner!! :)

When we listed our home on February 25th, I was filled with excitement and anticipation about what this journey would bring.  Now, 92 days, 25 showings and five open houses later I would have to admit that my spirit is dragging.

We have already reduced the price once with anticipation of drawing the attention of new buyers, but unfortunately we have yet to draw the attention of someone who wants to buy our property.

I can't help but feel frustrated at the fact that it hasn't sold.  I can't help but feel frustrated with the whole process.  I can't help but feel frustrated at the possibility of it not selling and our family not moving.

In my frustration, I can't help but wonder if it is God's plan to keep us in this house, or if there is a possibility that He is trying to teach us something through this long journey.  I can't help but let my emotions go on a roller coaster of their own - getting super excited and hopeful for a sale, and then bombing out at the bottom and being super frustrated and ready to just pull the house from the market.

I've never been through the sale or purchase of a home before, so I think I came into this sale with unrealistic expectations.  However, 92 days of people telling you they're not really interested can start to wear on you after awhile.

Lord, my faith is taking a beating here.  I really haven't been able to see beyond what I want to know if it's what You want for our family.  Please remove the blinders from my heart and my eyes and allow me to see what You desire for us.  Open the doors that need to be opened and slam shut the ones we shouldn't even look at.  Help us to put our trust in You.  

... and I really would love it if You wanted to bring us a buyer.  I really really would :)

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