Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keep On Keepin' On

I haven't been great at updating.  In all honesty I haven't been great about keeping up on most things - when did life get to be so insanely busy?!  We're in the full swing of summer at our house and are staying busy with baseball, soccer, cross country, driver's education (for Claire) and a new job (also for Claire)!  At this point in life, my main job is chauffeuring my kids to the many different activities we have going on.  I am often so busy with our schedule's craziness that I find I'm not sure what to do with myself when I get some downtime.  Like right now, as I'm sitting in the waiting room at a local car repair shop, I'm realizing that I can't handle just sitting and watching "The Price Is Right" ... I need something else to keep me busy, thus this blog post is being created!

The issues with my truck are minor - my air conditioner just needs a little love so it can operate correctly, and with this amazing heat wave we're experiencing in Minnesota, I'm okay with having to wait to get it fixed!

I recently realized my need to update when I had many of you asking if we had sold our house.  The answer to that question is a big fat NO!  We had received an offer that came in significantly lower than our asking price, but beyond that we had a lot of showings that didn't result in anything more.  I don't think that would have bothered me so much if we didn't have five kids to get out of the house every time someone wanted to see it!  So, after much discussion, we made the decision to take it off the market.

I was initially a little frustrated that we won't be moving, but we have since found a church right here in our little town that we really like, and I'm believing that this is a great thing for our family.  Being we enjoy the church so much, I think that takes some of the sting away from not selling!

So that's where we're at - moving forward and walking together in life, enjoying the heat of the summer and looking forward to some milestones that are coming up soon!

Through it all, we are moving forward together and choosing to Keep On Keepin' On!

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