Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Day Ahead ...

Today is supposed to be insane! I can't really complain about it, though I am trying to prepare myself and Colin for it. We have a meeting with the Director of Women's Ministries (Monica) at my church at 10am. Why am I meeting with her? Because a couple of months ago I tried to join the MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at our church and I was told that they are full and there is no room for Colin and I to join. That felt like a punch in the gut! It took me awhile to decide I really do still want to be a part of some ministry, and so I contacted my pastor who put me in touch with Monica - and today I'm meeting with her! I'm excited to see what doors God is opening for me through this meeting.

After that, it's a quick trip to Target (my boys need socks) and then back home for lunch and naptime. Chris is coming over this afternoon to watch Colin, and I am heading out to Minneapolis to pick Monte up at work and then head down to Bloomington where we are meeting with our financial advisor.

After that meeting, we are headed home and one of us is going straight to Iain's baseball game while the other is taking Ellis to his soccer game. It's going to be a crazy crazy day!!

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