Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wild Olive

No, it's not just because they have a contest going away that I'm posting about them - it's because I truly do LOVE their shirts! Wild Olive makes T-shirts that allow you to "Get Your Verse On" with a scripture verse on each shirt. They are all so uniquely made and uniquely beautiful - I just made my first order today and I can't WAIT to get them! :)

Visit them here or click their banner in my sidebar. They are styling in the way they shine for God!


  1. Way to go, Sista!'ll love their t-shirts, and they are a GREAT cause! Stefanie and the girls at Wild Olive are near and dear to my I love to see you supporting them!

    Oh, and put your old header back up...the one with the 3 photos of you and Monte. I like that one better, as it kind of tells a fun story. And you should just listen to me...simply because your big sister knows best!! ;o)

    Love and Hugs!!

  2. I LOVE their shirts too, and their ads, and their website, and the owners, and the verses, and the shirts, and the colors.... and...


    Which one's our fav?


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