Friday, May 15, 2009

Shhhhhhh ....

Right now, at this very moment, I am enjoying the sound of nothing but my fingers hitting the keys on my keyboard. My house is completely silent for the first time in four days. Let me correct myself - I have time to myself for the first time in four days. A girlfriend of mine came to stay with us for a few days, which is absolutely fine, but I've come to discover that having new (un-related) people in my house throws off my schedule more than I would care to admit. We were constantly busy with driving kids to soccer and baseball, picking them up from friend's houses, collecting rent at our apartment complex, buying groceries and returning clothes that just didn't quite fit correctly ... and that's not even half of it! The four days were quite busy - so busy that I did not have one day this week where I stayed in Mound all day. To be frank, I am exhausted!

My hubby is out of town on a camping trip with my two brothers, Jeremy and Tory, and my brother-in-law, Martin. This is Tory's birthday gift - he requested a guy's weekend at the Badlands. I'm more than okay with this. By no means am I saying that I want my husband to be gone, but I fully understand the necessity of taking weekends away. For that reason, my husband being gone does not bother me. The one thing I have missed in the midst of all of the crazy going on around me this week is any opportunity to just be still. I had late nights and early mornings all week long - and if you know me at all, you know that is NOT like me at all. Yes, I get up early with my kids, but I also go to bed early with my kids. Somehow, 9:30 has become my preferred bedtime! So, that being said, I was running on less-than-usual sleep and doing more-than-usual errands. Throw on top of that a case of head lice in two of my three boys (and haircuts for all of them - two of them shaved completely!) and it has been an insane week! Side note: by no means am I complaining about this - I truly am reflecting and enjoying thoughts of this week.

That's where I've been this week and now ----- now I sit here, listening to the silence, and the one thing that struck me is that I have not once in this past week taken time to truly be still before God. I am certainly one of those people who walks through my entire day talking to God, I really don't know how I would get through weeks like this if I wasn't, but I have not made time to intimately sit down and pour out my heart to Him, and to wait upon Him and listen for His voice. During my normal schedule, I often will use Colin's naptime as the time for me to spend one-on-one, no interruptions, completely intimate time with the Lord. Being the fact that this week has been so out-of-whack, I'm realizing that my soul craves that refreshing time of being with it's very Lover.

So now, as my children sleep and as my husband is likely sitting around a campfire with the guys, now my house is silent. Now it's time for my date with God.

Father, I am sorry I have waited so long.

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  1. Kami Joy, I enjoyed your comment to your neighbor Jennifer. I've followed the blog profile to your site before and love reading about your life. What a wonder that you were taking time for your "date" with God when Stellan had such an urgent need! You talked about "bringing bringing people back to the heart of true fervent prayer" so I think you'll appreciate something that I read earlier tonight. It's from Chelsea Pang, a young lady from my general area (greater Seattle). I copied her blog address and profile below her post about prayer. She copied most of it from Brent Riggs' site. You might know him as the father of Abby. He married Abby's mommy just after 6 month old Abby had been adopted from Guatemala.

    I'll sign off, followed by Chelsea's stuff. I am Michal Ann, no blog.

    In Jesus, Michal

    Saturday, May 2, 2009
    Thinking a lot about prayer

    I learn about 'communication techniques' all the time in school, work and related to marriage. But I don't seem to approach my communication style with the Lord as practically. This might be good. I definitely work at communication in all those 'other' areas of my life but when it comes to prayer it sometimes feels happenstance, routine or out of desperation.

    Recently I read this article from by Brent Riggs. I really get his evaluation of biblical living. He also has a young daughter with cancer, and that give so much of what he says about the heart of God and His Word more meaning to me. Check out the bold words he has on the purpose and meaning of prayer.

    "I wanted to ask you about what you believe about the power of prayer. It has always been confusing to me to pray when God already knows His plan and our days are numbered exactly. Can prayer really change the outcome of a situation? Do you believe the more people that pray, the better the chance of an answered prayer?

    Prayer is communication with God. We don’t surprise God with anything or inform Him of something He isn’t aware of, so while prayer is a pleasing act of worship that God enjoys, it’s primary benefit is for US. It reminds us of who we are dependent on. It keeps our focus on God. It reminds us to ask God for help, direction and wisdom.

    I say primary BENEFIT... for God, it is His desire and enjoyment of relationship and communication with His children. When our earthly children call us for advice or to ask for our help, it doesn't really "benefit" us, but we enjoy it because it builds our relationship with them, which we long for. Yes, God knows our plans, our thoughts and the outcome of EVERYTHING, but GOD HIMSELF commands us to pray, so the fact that He “knows” must not be relevant to “why?” we pray. Since our prayer, in reality, is not “needed” (in the strictest sense; God NEEDS nothing) by God, then we know that God tells us to pray because it is what is best FOR US.

    Can prayer “change” an outcome? Depends on whose eyes you are viewing from. From God’s, no… He already knows the result, so philosophically, prayer cannot “change” what God already knows will occur because He already knows “the change” ahead of time, so it’s not really a change to Him. However, from OUR perspective, the fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective… from OUR point of view. We know in fact from mountains of anecdotal evidence that prayer effects every aspect of life, from our point of reference.

    Do we think if MORE people pray, our daughter Abby will be healed for example? No. We are not trying to coerce God, or force His hand. His Will will be done and in fact was determined before the foundations of the earth were ever laid. We continually gather more praying friends into the fold because we have seen how many lives have been touched, how many hearts have been strengthened, how many spirits have been renewed and how many people have shown love and received love because of one little girl laying in a hospital bed in Oklahoma. It is a testament to the power of God that He can affect so many lives and bond so many together in a common act of love. What joy must our Heavenly Father get to see a large multitude of His children come together in love on behalf of ONE of their little sisters?

    About Me

    Chelsea Pang
    I am compelled to keep a blog to share my journey as a new mother and wife. We lost our first baby, Grace Ola at 37 weeks gestation to Trisomy 18 on September 17th, 2008. She is named Grace because of the Lord's grace getting us through her short life and grieving time. Her middle name means life in Hawaiian; this is in honor of our choice to let her live out her life as it was intended. I pray this blog brings joy and hope to those who read it as I share our life and Grace Ola's legacy. *** I love to hear from you through comments on my blog. Your comment will show up just after I read it. Thank you and love love!


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