Friday, September 25, 2009

I Have Nothing to Talk About Randomly Updating

This morning I blog entirely because I haven't updated since Tuesday. I blog because I hate it when people don't update their blogs (at least the ones that I follow religiously!). I blog because I'm finally starting to find that thing called energy who has chosen to hid itself from me for so very long. I blog because I just love to blog, even when I have nothing to talk about!

Alright, let's talk doctor appointment. I love my doctor, I really do. She never makes me feel like she's rushing me in and out of there, she always takes time to discuss all of my concerns and she even takes time to ask me about my personal life. I'm truly blessed when it comes to my health care! As for the appointment, it went well. We chatted for a long time, I told her my symptoms, she wrote me a prescription to finally stop the diarrhea that's been plaguing me for a week and a half help me feel better. I went to the lab where they drew more blood to run more tests. All in all, I still don't have an answer! The catch about that, though, is that if I am not feeling better by the end of the weekend, I have to go see a specialist. I don't want that. Thus, I'm praying that I will feel better - and I truly believe that I am! I'm getting a little more energy every day. I'm eating a little bit more every day. I'm smiling a little bit more every day. And I'm not having numerous bouts of diarrhea feeling uncomfortable like I was. Here's praying that the "better" finds me quickly!


My husband just left. Not permanantly - he would never do that - just for the weekend. He's going grouse hunting with his cousin, Blaine. He went last weekend as well (though that was with his brother, Mike) and he's just as excited to head up there this weekend. While I will definitely miss him, I am in no way complaining that he's going hunting. In fact, he plans on going hunting four or five times between this month and next, and I really don't mind. Know why? It's entirely because I understand the necessity for your own time - for having a weekend away just "the boys". Know why I understand that? Because I need those weekends away as well, though they are girls weekends for me :). Last time I had a girls weekend, it was my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law and I in a hotel for the weekend. We shopped, we talked, we watched HGTV, we went to church, we had a blast! It was the weekend get-away that I needed at that time. Guess what? I'm sensing the fact that another weekend away needs to start showing up in my plans! I just might have to start planning that out here in the near future ... :)


Beyond that, I have nothing else to write about. In fact, I think I'm going to go lay down and rest for awhile. Here's to a good weekend for all :)