Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Randomly Updating ...

Please forgive me for being away - but it was a busy, busy weekend! Friday night was family movie night - we rented a movie and relaxed together, it was so great! Saturday I got the chance to finally meet my bloggy friend, Christy, and three of her kids - what a wonderful time that was! We were able to chat and play and enjoy lunch while they were here and it was every bit as wonderful as I anticipated it would be! After they left, we kicked it into high gear and cleaned cleaned cleaned the house, as we had our first showing on Saturday. Once the house was clean, we headed out to the Incredible Festival (a.k.a. the local fair). We spent a few hours there letting the kids ride the rides, chatting with some of our friends and wiping off the sweat from an insanely hot day! Yikes it was hot! After a few hours in the heat, we headed back home so Monte and I could wash up and head to his 25 year class reunion! Yep, that's right, my love graduated high school when I was almost six months old :) The reunion was a good time, Monte thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit with his classmates (and I enjoyed the time there as well)! It made for a very busy, but very enjoyable Saturday!

Sunday we were up bright and early and off to church! After church we came home for lunch and headed out to meet Melissa, our wedding photographer, for a family photo shoot. She is a completely amazing photographer and I was so excited to be able to do this! Definitely check out her website or her blog to see some of her work!

After our photo shoot, we headed to Dairy Queen for a quick afternoon snack, then to Cabela's for some shopping fun. Once we were done at Cabela's, we headed home again as I was starting to feel more than slightly sick. Monte made dinner (what an awesome hubby I have!), and the kids played after dinner and I rested. Bedtime came, the kiddos were tucked in and I tucked myself in feeling quite ill at this point. The night was awful, as I was up every half hour with ahem ... sickness. I'll spare you the details :) That sickness lasted through the entire day on Monday, so my amazing in-laws came and picked Colin up for the day and took him to their house to play so that I could rest. Monte came home after work and made dinner for the kids again and then we made the decision that it was time to take me to the emergency room, as my sickness wasn't getting any better. We called my in-laws and they were able to come and be with our kids and we went to the ER. What a long night it was! Two bags of IV fluid, blood work, and other tests later, they're still not completely sure what has caused my sickness. The doctor said that she thinks it is salmonella poisoning, but she needs a stool sample to find out, and I wasn't able to provide one while I was there. Unfortunately, I still have to provide one - so once I get that taken care of, I can bring it in for her to find out exactly what is going on. Ewwwwwwww :)

In the midst of our ER visit, my husband found need to take a picture of me! :)

Today, I'm feeling better, but still not great. I'm tired, I'm hungry and thirsty and I am sore. However, I am still a LOT better than I was.

That's my reasoning for being gone - hope you can forgive the absense! So, how are you?!