Thursday, December 3, 2009

Going ...

... going ....


Renovations have officially begun - starting with demolition of our garage -more pictures to come as progress is made!  I must admit that I have seen a bit of a negative reaction from some of my readers regarding the renovations on our home.  While I know that this is entirely up to them and they are entitled to feel how they choose, I do want to let you know that, while our addition sounds massive - it's rather compact.  It's sufficient for us to make our house ready for future babies and for current guests.  The additional rooms are small in size, which makes for the possibility of more rooms.  While I know I don't need to offer an explanation of this to you, I wanted to clarify that fact!


Also, it's not too late to enter my giveaway.  Contest closes at 12:00pm (noon!) Central Standard Time TOMORROW!

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