Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Have a Problem

There's something that I need to do, I mean I really need to do, but yet I just don't want to.  See, there are all of these pictures I've taken that I want to put on my blog and share with you, but my problem is that I have yet to dump them from my camera onto my computer.  So what's the problem?  It's the Christmas season and I just don't have the blasted time to do it!!

So alas, this wordy update will have to do ...

We finally got our building permit!  Provided we can get a footings inspector in on Monday, we will begin digging as soon as tomorrow!  I can't even tell you how thrilled we are that things are finally moving forward - thank You God that this is all working out according to Your timing and that I am learning a LOT about patience through this process! :)

My handsome hubby and I went to a Christmas party at MckMama's home on Friday evening - and boy was it a blast!  I saw many friends, old and new, and spent the better part of three hours chatting away with a wonderful group of people!  I even enjoyed tolerated the sparkling juice that Israel, MckMama's very own Prince Charming, served up to us.  I think he was trying to get rid of it, as he conveniently served not one but TWO glasses to both Jolene and I.  Let's just say that I've discovered I do not have a love for sparkling juice!

The week ahead of us promises to be busy and crazy, and my promise to myself and my family is that I'm going to make sure to take time to focus on the very reason we celebrate Christmas.  I'm going to allow myself to marvel at the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I'm not going to allow myself to become overwhelmed by the amount of stuff piling up in our schedule, but am going to enjoy each celebration as it comes.  We're also going to be celebrating my birthday on Saturday (yep, I was born the day after Christmas) with some family and friends.  It's going to be a very informal gathering (no presents necessary!), just because I usually don't do much for my birthday, being it's so close to Christmas (and by the 26th I'm usually feeling a little bit grinchy!), but we decided that this year we were going to change that.  SO, if you're in the area and didn't receive my invite, let me know - we'd love to celebrate with you, too! :)

To top off all that crazy, we've had lots of outside playing time this past weekend!  As I glanced out the window at our kids, I had to smile to myself as I look at all four of our kids down on the lake (yes, I promise there is definitely enough ice for them to be out there - Monte checked it out himself!), next to the hole they augured in the ice for fishing.  Claire is standing near the ice fishing spot, while Iain and Ellis are pulling Colin around in our WAGON!  Goodness sakes - most people would find a sled to be entertaining during this time of the year - but our kids have found the wagon to be much more appealing!  Oh boy .. :)

So, I'm signing off for the week.  I may be back before a week is up, but I want to give you enough of a forewarning to know that I likely will not.  I'm going to focus on faith, family and friends during this week.  My prayer for you is that your Christmas will be filled with the love of God and that you would know His heart, His compassion and His love for us.

Merry Christmas!

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