Monday, April 5, 2010

My Brother Told Me My Blog Needs More Spice

In a recent conversation that I had with my brother, Tory, he casually informed me that my blog is boring to him and that I need to spice it up.  I stifled a laugh and asked him just HOW he wanted me to spice up my blog.  Well, according to him, my male readers don't always want to hear about pregnancy - they want to see something more manly, like the progress being made on our addition.

Before I go into the spicier side of life, Monte wants everybody to know who Tory is, so he voted the following picture to capture his fabulous personality:

This picture is from their man's four-wheeling trip to the Badlands in North Dakota.  He's showing his brilliantly beautiful pearly whites after having just brushed them before bed!  :)

So, Tory dear, without further adieu, I give you our progress!  This first picture is the tile in our guest bathroom.

This is the tiling that will go in the shower (left) and around the toilet (right).

This is the tile warmer so that your toes will not be cold when you come to visit me, dear brother.  Oh, and this is also our good friend, Chris, who is doing all of our tile work.

This is the floor tile.

This is upstairs in our theater room.  Monte and I chose out the balusters and the Newell post, as well as the cherrywood railing.  Carpet will be laid later this week (hopefully!).

We also have our mahogany cherrywood flooring laid on the main floor, as well as most of our trim work complete.  Our contractor is making great progress and we expect it to be done within the next couple of weeks!

So, brother dear, was that enough spice for you?! :)

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