Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Happened?!

Guess who has taken a big ol' break from her blog?  Well, if you've checked here in the past week, I think you already know that it was me.  Between fighting the stomach flu and fighting off morning sickness, between baseball and soccer, between overnight guests and road trips life has been so BUSY!  By no means does that mean I'm complaining, though.  I really happen to like the busy!

Okay, pregnancy update.  I'm currently 10 weeks along and experiencing all-day nausea.  I'm not complaining about it too much, though, as it remains just nausea.  In other words, I'm not spending a majority of my day (or any of my day, for that matter) hovered over the toilet.  I recently went in for my 9 week appointment, which was basically just registering me into the computer system as a pregnant woman (not that I wasn't already in there, but I guarantee you that after I answered the bajillion questions they asked, I am most definitely in their system now!).  I have my first full pregnancy exam with Dr. T. next week and I will admit that I'm excited for it!  While only a month has passed since my first ultrasound I'm more than ready for the second!  Some days I still can't believe this precious miracle that God has blessed us with .. it just seems so surreal.  I will never cease to thank Him for this blessing!

Sports season is well underway in our home and I am even more involved this year, as I volunteered to be the manager for Ellis' soccer team.  I have been busy with learning the technicalities of the position, but I have a feeling that it's something I'm going to thoroughly enjoy!

I recently had the opportunity to join my mom and my two aunts for a girls' weekend in Fargo, ND and what a weekend it was!  We stayed in a hotel, spent many hours going through the Tour of Homes, ate out a lot, shopped and enjoyed each other's company.  One thing I did learn, however, is that my body is unable to go at such high speeds all day in this stage of pregnancy.  By the end of the day I was phenomenally exhausted!  I was thankful for the weekend away, though, and for my amazing husband who kept things flowing smoothly back home.  I don't know what I would do without that man ... he is just so wonderful!

So ... that's the gist of what's been going on here.  Hopefully my blogging will come more frequently (though I partially blame it on the fact that the computer has officially been moved into our new office and it feels like less of the command central than it did when it was in the kitchen, so I'm less motivated to go and use it!  Give it time .. give it time.)

Missing my blogging buddies!

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