Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Things He Says

I'm starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, I need to stop being surprised by the amazing things that come out of Colin's mouth, but sometimes they just surprise me to the fullest!  Tonight was no exception.  He and I are sitting at our dining room table; he is drawing a picture and I am catching up on some emails.  The dishwasher is running (loudly, I might add!) and our radio is playing KTIS (the local Christian music station) in the background.  Note that it is playing, but the dishwasher almost completely drowns it out.  So ... as we're sitting here, Colin looks up from his drawing and asks,

"Why does my God take away?"

Confused by where this statement came from, I asked him what he meant.  His response almost blew me away, "The song just said that God gives and takes away, but why does my God take away?"  Oh to explain something so difficult to someone so young!  We talked about it for awhile and I tried to explain it to him in the terms of teddy bears (i.e. when we do something that makes God happy, He will reward us just like Kami and dad might reward you with a teddy bear when you're good.  In the same way, He will take things away from us when we're not doing things that make him happy, like when you're naughty and Kami and dad have to take your teddy bear or another toy away).  He seemed to understand this and was happy with that answer, stating, "So sometimes God just has to punish us because we don't listen to Him, just like our moms and dads have to punish us when we're naughty?"

I'm amazed at his understanding.  Sweet Lord, please guard his heart so that he will learn to always love You!

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