Friday, May 14, 2010

A Change in the Schedule

Good morning!  Or shall I say, "Happy greasy Friday morning!"?!  Confused by that?  Let me explain.  You see, we've been having issues with our water heater all week long.  We've gone from having fluctuating temperatures (see the meaning of freezing cold to scalding hot) when we shower to having a water heater that randomly shuts off all the time.  What does this mean?  Well, for one, it means that we just have enough hot water to warm it up before it shuts off.  For two, it means that I haven't showered in four days.  Gross, I know!  So, this morning, Colin and I will be traveling up to my sister's house (about an hour away) to give him a bath and for me to take a shower!  Crazy to travel that far, I know ... but when you've gone so long without a shower, you'll go anywhere to get one!  At some time today, we will have our plumber out as he is replacing our water heater with a new unit (due to the fact that we purchased this tankless water heater less than a year ago and it has never worked properly, the company that manufactures them is replacing it for us) ... but due to the fact that I don't know what time he will be here, I don't think I can sit all greased up and wait for him to get here and complete the job!  So it's off to Tanya's house we go (and, considering her family is in China, it's a good time to stop by and check on the house, anyway!).

Many of you have asked how I'm feeling and how this pregnancy is going ... and I'm more than happy to update you!  I am 12 weeks along right now, finally feel like I'm escaping the sickness part of it (I'm still a little nauseous in the morning, but it's very mild).  I'm still tired a lot and feel like I could nap twice a day and still have no problem sleeping at night .. but hopefully that wears down soon as well!  I don't have much of a bump .. just a tiny little one, but I will do my best to get a picture of it soon (you know, after I shower and get cleaned up!).  Overall, everything is going great!

Beyond that, we have been wrapped up in the kids' sports, in trying to have family dinners together (sports interferes with this quite a bit!), spending time with extended family and just having fun.  Life is good and we are not complaining even a little bit!

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