Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes my Blog Frustrates Me ...

Do you ever feel like you have something you really want to talk about, and you want to do so on your blog, but yet you just can't because you're uncertain of the feedback that you're going to receive?  For me, this incident comes up quite a bit regarding an acquaintance of mine and their family (if you're reading this and you think it's you, there's a 99.9% chance that it's not ... I'm almost completely certain they don't read my blog).  My issue with this problem is the fact that I have put myself on the line in voicing my opinion on certain situations, and that opinion was one that was in agreement with them.  The problem comes with the fact that my opinion regarding these situations has changed dramatically.  It's almost like there's a whole 'nother aspect of this person that had never been shown to me that has now opened up.  I'm frustrated that I am out there, that people associate me as someone who agrees with this person, when in reality, I'm feeling more and more like they've gone off the deep end and taken a lot of people with them.

And I can't talk about it.  At least not on here.

Know what else I can't talk about on here?  I can't talk about the friend who walks into our home as if they own it (I realize I'm just talking about one person, but I'm not even going to determine if it's a he or a she!) ..  and I can't talk about it when my family is just driving me dang crazy (because most of them read my blog, too)!!

However, to look at the flip side, I do appreciate that I can use my blog to share the happiness of my life with all of you!  I love that I can share photos (I promise that there will be a belly photo soon .. it's just hard to take one when I am 14 weeks and still don't look pregnant!!) and share stories of the fun things my kids are doing.  I love that I can tell you about the projects going on in our home (Jolaine, you would be so proud, I'm weeding those darn flower gardens!) and the great accomplishments my children have ... well, accomplished!

I suppose my blog is not such a terrible thing, after all. :)

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