Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to NOT Expect ...

Being an expectant mother who has never gone through pregnancy before, I figured it was a good idea to do a little reading to get myself up-to-speed on the goings on of my baby.  So, naturally, when I saw the book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" at a garage sale for 50 cents, I snatched it up.  I skimmed through the first parts of the book, as I am already starting my second trimester and kind of believe that the first-trimester information doesn't so strongly apply anymore.  However, as I began skimming the subtitles in the book, I realized that this book, in fact, is likely NOT the one I want to read.  The beginning was telling me all about how I am worried about the fact that my baby will have a deformity or that my baby will be born with a handicap (physical or mental) or that I'm not growing like I should or ..... the list went on and on!

After spending about 30 minutes skimming through the subjects in the beginning of the book, I couldn't help but feel that I had paid a fair price and likely would not invest more than 50 cents into this book.  You see, I truly am not worried about my baby's growth, about whether or not (s)he will be healthy or the different things that will happen as (s)he grows.  I truly am not concerned even one bit!  I'm eating right, I am still doing light exercise and I take care of myself ... why worry over things that are beyond my control?

Is it just me, or does this book seem to take a spin that others felt didn't really apply to them?  I think I need to search out a faith-based pregnancy book to take a look at the facts I need to know along the way, without filling my mind with the garbage that I'm "supposed to be worrying about".

Any recommendations would be helpful!

P.S. Anybody who is following my sister and her family on their journey to China to pick up their adopted daughter, Khloe - unfortunately I have no new news!  I haven't heard from Tanya since the first update, but the second she emails another update to me, I will be sure to get it posted on her blog ASAP.  You can follow her journey here.

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